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Onward to Flame 2016

I’m proud to announce I’ve added Flame 2016 to the post-production workflow at Finland Finish. It’s taken a few years to get to this point, and it’s a huge leap forward in terms of my capabilities and workflow.

Why Flame?

It goes back to when I first started in post around 1994. Flame was just gaining traction as the best high-end VFX and finishing solution for feature films and commercials. It was one of those over-the-shoulder tools, where an artist could make amazing things happen with clients sitting in the room. 20 years later it is still the best tool on the market for making difficult “fix-it-in-post” shots happen. It’s the most fully featured system I’ve worked with, and I look forward to growing as a dedicated Flame user in┬áthe coming years.

Some of the Leaps:

Background Rendering
Render shots in the background while continuing to work on the next shot. Huge timesaver.

CG Integration Tools
Compositing with CG elements has become more of a necessity these days as the line has blurred between real elements and CG elements.

3D Projection Tools
Working with 3D camera data to create a rock solid composites in less time.

4K UHD Finishing and Beyond
The HP Z840 workstation has the guts to make UHD and even 8k a reality.

This rules. I’m excited. Sorry for the geekery, but man; am I geeking. Let’s go do some work.

– Nick